The best way to schedule all types of meetings

There are many different types of meetings. Some meetings are internal and only involve 3 people and some meetings involve external people and have 33 people. Scheduling and finding time for all these meetings is hard work. In fact, our study concluded that on average people waste 15-17 minutes on scheduling just 1 meeting. Make it 5 meetings per week and you are already wasting 1 hour and 15 minutes just on scheduling.

Of course, there are many online tools that can help you book meetings in your calendar. After using them for sometime we learnt that they only focus on 1 aspect of scheduling. Be it 1-on-1s or group meetings with external people.

A simple and intuitive interface of Calbot


A simple and intuitive interface

Calbot is different. We designed a simple and intuitive interface for all your meetings. From here, you can send a booking request to one person, schedule an internal meeting in seconds or gather people from many different companies into one big group meeting. Let’s breakdown the use cases where Calbot can help you schedule best!

What is the best way to schedule 1-on-1s?

Calbot can help you schedule your one-on-ones in seconds. Instead of emailing the person to ask for their availability or comparing calendars side-by-side (*cough cough Outlook*) Calbot will privately scan yours and your participants’ calendars to find overlapping gaps when both of you can make it! It will also account for any buffer times, work hours and timezone differences automatically, so that the meeting is scheduled at a convenient time for you and your participant.

How to schedule 1-on-many meetings?

Let’s imagine you have to meet your suppliers. Normally, you would send out an email with your availability only to find out that one of the key people you need in a meeting on your suppliers’ side is unavailable. In this situation, you’d have to choose whether to suggest another time or just go ahead with the meeting without that key person. What would you do?

Calbot will ask people for their availability


Calbot will ask people for their availability

With Calbot you can let our bot do the heavy lifting for you and figure out when everyone is on your suppliers’ side is free and available for a meeting. All you need to do is select the people you’d like to meet and Calbot will go out and ask them for their availability. It will then combine everyone’s schedule to highlight the gaps that work for everyone! Best of all, no one needs to rearrange their schedule and the meeting is scheduled without any back-and-forth emails.

How to schedule group meetings?

Group meetings are extremely common, both internally and externally. But what do you do, when you have to organise a meeting for a fairly large group of internal and external people to your company? Do you suggest a time and hope that everyone can make it? Or do you get the times from external parties and hope that it doesn’t disturb your team’s schedule that much?

Calbot can solve this problem. Instead of asking everyone for their availability, Calbot will scan the calendars of the people it has on the system and goes out and ask the rest about their availability. Once Calbot has learnt everyone’s availability it will then combine it with the availability of the people whose calendars it has access to and highlight the gaps that work for everyone. Best of all – it does it in the minimum amount of time and almost no emails flying around.

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