Calbot meeting scheduler 3.0 Update

Today is the day when our meeting scheduler got another important update with many new and exciting features! Let’s have a look at what we added in this version.

Calbot will now send meeting participants follow up emails

1. Follow up emails

With more and more people starting to use Calbot we noticed that not all invited meeting participants respond to their first meeting invite. And so, the person who is scheduling the meeting has to manually follow up with them about scheduling.

From the new 3.0 version Calbot will now automatically send 3 follow up emails every 24 hours. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone not responding to your meeting request!

2. Weekly summary emails

[Calbot] is really useful in preventing that time we usually waste in finding a suitable time slot for everyone to meet. I can now use that time to better prepare for the meeting rather than finding time for it.

Senior Buyer, Shell

Calbot is built for saving time and making people and teams productive. But how much time does it save and what’s its impact on productivity? Starting from this update Calbot will now email you every week (although you can unsubscribe) to tell you how many meetings you scheduled and how much time it saved you. It will also tell you the grand total of time you saved and the total number of meetings you scheduled.

3. “All meetings” and “Teams”

Calbot meeting scheduler updated menu

Updates are normally viewed as a way to add more functionality to apps. However, with this update to Calbot we have taken away “All meetings” and “Teams” pages. This is not permanent and they are coming back!

We’ve made this decision because we saw that people weren’t using them in the most effective way and there was a lot of work needed to make them as useful as we wanted them to be. As a result, we decided to take away these features that we weren’t 100% happy with and re-release them later on.

4. iOS logic screen

Calbot meeting scheduler open on iPhone X running iOS

If you have an iOS device you may have noticed some weird behaviour of our meeting scheduler in Safari and other browsers. That was due to Apple’s popup behaviour policy. We have worked hard on this issue to ensure that even if your popups are disabled Calbot will still function properly.

This is an important change for all enterprise users and everyone who will be upgrading to iOS 14 in September/October.

5. Small changes to the meetings scheduler:

  • Increased the grid size for internal meetings
  • We were told some monitors were not displayed unavailable slots correctly and so we made the colours in the availability grid more saturated, so that everyone can see when people are busy
  • External meeting participants can now see how long the meeting is in the email and on the scheduling page
  • Internal admin dashboard improvements

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