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6 Business School students struggled to find a mutually available time to do their group work

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– Students found the best time to meet in less than a minute

– Students met regularly and were more productive

– Workgroup won an award for the best module presentation


The University of Leeds is the 5th largest university in the UK. Each year it teaches more than 30,000 students. The university offers students a large number of courses many of which involve group work. This presents a challenge to students when it comes to finding the best time for a meeting for their group. All students have different timetables, different co-curricular activities and different part-time jobs, and so it is hard for them to organise their group meetings together so that they can work on their projects.

Lecturer Perspective

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Alice Shepherd

Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

We have a number of group work assignments for A&F and Banking and Finance students across all years of the UG programmes, and I thought Calbot might help to make coordination between group members easier. Sometimes it takes our students quite a lot of time to actually work out when they are going to meet – this is what they have told me and what I see in class when I start the group work.

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Dennis MacDonald

Teaching Fellow, Organizational Behaviour

A number of the modules I teach which involve group work which brings students together from multiple programmes. Consequently, students often find it difficult to schedule group meetings since programme timetables invariably clash. A solution like Calbot makes this process easier for students and is very welcome.

Student Perspective

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Natalia Slota
Management and HR (Industrial)
4th year
Natalia Slota
Management and HR (Industrial)
4th year

At the start of my 4th academic year, my group had to prepare a 10-minute presentation about Marks & Spencers CSR activity in the 80s. The presentation was a part of the optional CSR module in my school which was worth 40% of the total module mark. Because the module was optional there was a high diversity of students taking it. I was in a group with people studying Management, Marketing and International Business.

That meant that finding the best time for a meeting, to work on our presentation was always a challenge. Timetables always clashed and we were spending hours in our group chat trying to figure out when people are free. To make things even more challenging, I worked at “The Restaurant Bar & Grill” in the City Centre and two boys from my group had rugby and football training. All these clashes made it almost impossible for us to work on our presentation.

“All these clashes made it almost impossible for us to work on our presentation.”

Calbot made this problem disappear. After everybody in our group signed up and connected their timetables and calendars, we no longer needed to discuss when we are available to meet. Instead, one person from our team had to go on the website and create a meeting. It synchronised with my university timetable and my work calendar at “Bar & Grill” and so finding the best time to work on the project was no longer a problem for me and the rest of the group.


After starting to use Calbot, students were able to find the best for a meeting in just a few seconds. This is an enormous improvement to what was previously hours or even days. As a result of that, students also started meeting more regularly and were focused on their assignment more. Their group chat was not littered with messages about trying to find the best time but instead became all about their project. Finally, at the end of the project, the group using Calbot won an award for the best presentation and got to present in front of M&S executives.

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