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Calbot is an alternative built for business needs.

Are you stuck trying to decide between Calbot and Or maybe you just want to know what are the differences between the two? We are here to help! This article will go over the differences between and Calbot and highlight how our alternative is different and why the two tools are serving two different needs and markets. is rising in popularity scheduling solution for your email. The company makes an email bot that you can CC into an email conversation in order for it to schedule a meeting on your behalf.

Calbot is an alternative to aimed at businesses and enterprises. We make a scheduling application that works on the web with support for enterprise environments that help people and groups find time for meetings.

Number of meeting participants

Calbot is a meeting scheduling alternative for group meetings is a simple and straightforward solution when it comes to scheduling one-on-one meetings. All you have to do is CC’s bot into the email chain and it will understand when the meeting needs to be scheduled for. When it comes to group meetings is also capable of scheduling those. However, there is a limit of 6 participants at a meeting. As a result of that, can only schedule a meeting with you and 5 other people.

Calbot, is also capable of scheduling 1-on-1 meetings. However, instead of CC’ing a bot into a conversation you select the people you’d like to meet from a dropdown that’s synchronised with your contact list (we’ll explain why we built it that way below!). Additionally, our alternative can schedule group meetings with an unlimited number of participants. This means you can easily find time for a meeting with 10, 20 or even 40 people without exchanging a single email!

Security & Privacy

Both Calbot and adhere to the highest possible security standards. Both are also hosted on ISO certified servers.

However, we believe that having an email bot has inherent disadvantages when it comes to security and privacy. In order for to schedule a meeting, their bot needs to read an email in order to understand the meeting title, its location, duration and so on. We believe that granting a bot access to emails in this way posses a security risk which may lead to a leak of sensitive internal or customer information.

As a result of that, Calbot doesn’t have an email bot. We also don’t store any calendar, events or location information. Moreover, we use tokens to access our user’s calendars. This enables us to not store passwords for the most popular calendar services.

Calendar integrations

Here at Calbot our aim is to provide our users with the most choice when it comes to integrations. As a result of that, our alternative leads in terms of the number of integrations. At the time of writing, Calbot supports Google calendars, G Suite calendars, Outlook calendars, Exchange calendars, Office365 calendars, iCloud calendars and even Exchange accounts on self-hosted servers.

In addition to that, Calbot also doesn’t have a limit on the number of calendars a user can connect. This means a user can connect 5 Google accounts with 10 calendars and then add another 2 iCloud calendars. Not only does this give our user’s the most flexibility, but it also enables them to account for all their commitments across all their schedules.

In comparison, only supports Google, Outlook and Office365 calendars. There is no support for other services and there is also a limit on the number of calendars a user can connect.


You are now equipped with knowledge about how Calbot compares to As you can see, while both tools help people schedule meetings they do it in very different ways and target very different markets.

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