Calbot vs. Doodle

Calbot is a Doodle alternative built for businesses and large enterprises.

Doodle is a popular polling solution which helps people find the best times for meetings. Calbot is a Doodle alternative focused on businesses and large enterprises. Both Calbot and Doodle are helping people schedule meetings without email back-and-forth and in the most efficient manner possible. If you are stuck trying to decide between Calbot and Doodle – this article is for you. Here we will compare integration abilities, security, scheduling experience and other differences between two meeting schedulers.

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Calendar Integrations

Connect an unlimited number of calendars to our meeting scheduler

Calbot integrates with a huge number of calendar services which enables our customers to account for all their availability. We integrate directly and securely to Google calendars, GSuite, Outlook, Office365, iCloud and Exchange. We even support self-hosted Exchange servers. Moreover, Calbot also doesn’t have a limit on the number of calendars you can connect. So, if you have 15 Google calendars, 10 Outlook calendars and 20 iCloud calendars you can connect all of them in seconds.

Doodle, on the other hand, allows their customers to only connect Google, Outlook and Office365. While this maybe sufficient for some users, we believe having a greater range of supported calendar services will make the scheduling experience between companies more frictionless and seamless.

Security & Privacy

Security is an essential part of any IT system, but nowadays it’s becoming even more important. Calbot follows the highest security standards for a SaaS web application having been verified by Microsoft and Google whilst being hosted on a ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified server

We also use tokens to authenticate users which allows us to not store our user’s logins and passwords. Moreover, we also don’t access your calendar data (we only see your free and busy times).

After each meeting is scheduled we delete all information associated with that meeting so that we minimise the data we store about our users. For the data that we do store (i.e. availability of unregistered users whose calendar we can’t access) we use a database which sits offline and behind a secure firewall.

In addition to that, in response to enterprise customers, we are also building End-to-End Encryption for our services to ensure the highest level of security possible.

Our meeting scheduler is verified by Microsoft

Scheduling Experience

Simple meeting scheduler alternative to Calendly

At Calbot we recognise that majority of scheduling happens between professionals in organisations and so we wanted to design and build software that will help those professionals. Because of that, unlike Doodle, we don’t have and never will have ads on our website. We believe that having ads is unprofessional and gives off the wrong message about the business.

In addition to that, we also decided to not have an option to poll people on their availability. Based on our own experience of using Doodle and the feedback we got from people we learnt that polling doesn’t always help people find the best time. Despite poll results – someone will always be unavailable. As a result, we changed the way our Doodle alternative schedules group meetings. Instead of polling people on their availability we only show available options to ensure that everyone can make it without schedule juggling.

We learnt that not only does this allow groups of people to always find time with mutual availability, but it is also more efficient and professional. With Calbot teams can finalise the meeting quicker without unprofessional email back-and-forth and schedule juggling.


Calendly alternative with buffer times and working hours

In addition to typical scheduling features which you would normally find in a scheduling software, Calbot takes things a step further by adding functionality that directly responds to the needs of businesses and enterprises. One of these features is the ability of people to delegate their Calbot accounts to their PAs without sharing their passwords. This means that your PA would be able to schedule meetings on your behalf taking into account all your availability from all your connected calendars. We found this feature to be particularly useful to those people who juggle multiple calendars, but whose PA can only see the availability of only 1 of them due to the limitations inside Outlook and Gsuite.

Another convenient feature we built is direct integration with your contacts. This means you are able to select the people you’d like to meet as if you are browsing your address book! It’s important to note that Calbot doesn’t scan your emails for these contacts. Instead, we use a service enabling us to get a list of those emails.

Moreover, with Calbot you can also invite optional participants to a meeting. If their availability doesn’t match the availability of the rest of the group you will still be able to finalise a meeting!

Finally, we also built a feature called “buffer time” and it works exactly as it sounds. We know that not all meetings are perfect and sometimes they overrun and finish late. With buffer times you can add a buffer to all your events to ensure that you have some breathing space between your events.

We strongly believe that with these extra features tailored specifically towards busy professional and businesses make Calbot the best Doodle alternative on the market.


You are now armed with knowledge about how Calbot is different to Doodle!

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