Calbot vs. Calendly

Calbot is a Calendly alternative built for large groups and enterprise needs.

Calbot vs. Calendly. The best Calendly alternative

Calbot and Calendly are two tools made for scheduling meetings. They both offer people an ability to book appointments with one another with ease and convenience and in seconds. So how are they different? This post will explore the differences between the two to showcase how our Calendly alternative is different and highlight that the two tools are actually tailored towards two different needs and markets. Let’s dive straight into it!

What type of meetings can each meeting scheduler handle?

Calbot is a Calendly alternative that can find time for all types of meetings

Calendly is a very simple tool to schedule or book one-on-one meetings. You set your availability and send a link to one person who then chooses the best time for a meeting. With Calendly you can create group booking pages where each person will book themselves up for a specific time slot.

Calbot is different. While our meeting scheduler can help people find time for a meeting with just 1 person, it can also assist a group of people with finding a time for a meeting when the whole group is available. This is very different to group bookings that Calendly offers its users. With our Calendly alternative, you can find a time when a group of 5, 10 or even 20 people is all available at the same time, while Calendly allows you to only find the best time with 1 person.

Calendar integrations

Both Calendly and Calbot integrate with a vast number of calendars to ensure the smoothest scheduling experiences. At the time of writing, Calbot and Calendly support Google calendars, G Suite calendars, Outlook calendars, Exchange calendars, Office365 calendars and iCloud calendars.

However, Calbot takes this one step further by supporting enterprise specific environments such as self-hosted Exchange calendars. This allows Calbot to tailor to enterprises to ensure our services is also available to businesses with specific security settings.

Moreover, Calendly also has a limit on the number of calendars a user can connect. As a result of that, once you’ve connected all 6 calendars you may no longer add any extra ones you may have. Calbot, on the other hand, doesn’t have a limit on the number of calendars a user can connect. This means that you can connect 10 Google calendars, 2 Outlook accounts with 5 calendars in each of them and 2 iCloud calendars. Connecting this many calendars will not impact your scheduling experience and will help Calbot account for all your availability.

Calendly alternative with more integrations

Scheduling Experience

Simple meeting scheduler alternative to Calendly

Scheduling meetings is almost always a pain. Emailing back-and-forth to find the best time, checking between calendars and trying to find a gap that works between your work and personal commitments takes time. Calendly helps people send a booking link and alleviate the pain of scheduling for the person sending the link. But what about the person who has to book in the time? They still have to go through a long tedious process of checking calendars to confirm and select the times that work for them.

But what if the software can magically highlight the gaps between the two people scheduling a meeting? This is exactly what Calbot does. Our meeting scheduler privately scans the calendars of all parties and automatically finds the gaps when everyone is available. This whole process happens in seconds and with an unlimited number of participants (not just 2 of them)! As a result of that, our Calendly alternative is considered to be more flexible and a lot more efficient in finalising the best time for a meeting than Calendly.


Calendly alternative with buffer times and working hours

Calbot is a meeting scheduler aimed at businesses and large enterprises. Because of that our software offers features developed specifically for those needs. All of them make Calbot standout from Calendly and its alternatives! For instance, with Calbot you can delegate an account to your secretary or a PA in seconds and without sharing your password. This will allow them to schedule on your behalf without being able to view your work and personal schedules!

In addition to that, Calbot has buffer times. These buffers leave an empty time period before and after your meetings and events. This allows you to regroup and prepare for what’s ahead in your calendar or travel to another place for a meeting. You can set these buffers to be anything between 1 minute and 1 hour, so that gives you plenty of flexibility to decide how much breathing space you need between your calendar events.

Moreover, Calbot also supports optional participants. These are participants who don’t absolutely have to be present at a meeting. They are people who you’d prefer to have, but it’s not the end of the world if they can’t come. This feature helps many people find the best time even faster as Calbot users can see the availability of required and optional participants separately and so they can decide on the gap that’s earlier.


You now know exactly how Calbot and Calendly differ from each other and that they provide very different services to one another.

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