Calbot 2.9 Update

Today we have deployed a new version of Calbot to the server. In the previous versions we focused on adding features, but with 2.9 we are stepping it down a notch to focus on small “quality of life” updates and fixing some bugs before our public beta. Let’s look at what we’ve added in this version:

1. New login screen

Calbot's new login screen for the meeting scheduler

We’ve updated our login screen to make it look cleaner and simpler. Now, there are no fields you need to fill in. Just login with you calendar and you are ready to schedule.

This update also means there is now no registration. The process of signing up for Calbot is the same as login in. Clean and simple.

2. Invites for unregistered users

One of the most requested features we received is invites for unregistered users. Beforehand, Calbot would send someone you were scheduling a meeting with a confirmation email saying that the meeting is scheduled, but it would not add that event to their calendar.

We took our time with this feature to get it right and it is finally here. Now, when someone, who doesn’t have a Calbot account, schedules a meeting with you – that meeting would appear in both yours and theirs calendars automatically and instantly. None of you would have to do anything extra. It even works with enterprise accounts!

3. Larger grid size in the meeting scheduler

Our meeting scheduler has a new, larger, grid size for selecting meeting times

We also increased the size of the grid in our meeting scheduler on the availability screen to make it easier for people to select the right slot for the meeting.

4. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) Support

Calbot now works with Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

We know that many professional services firms use VPNs for extra security. Calbot 2.9 now works with VPNs enabling people to connect from their firm’s private networks seamlessly and without losing data.

5. Quick times for scheduling

Quick links for scheduling meetings in Calbot

We’ve added frequent meeting durations next to the duration input on the schedule screen, so that it’s easier to select how long you’d like the meeting to be.

6. Other things

In addition to these big change, we also made some smaller ones, such as:

  • You now can’t set a read-only calendar as a default calendar
  • We changed the screen before you send off your availability on desktop, so that you can see what the recipient will see when scheduling a meeting with you
  • We reduced the amount of data being loaded from your calendars dependent on your screen size allowing for even quicker load times
  • We increased cookie duration, so that you stay logged in for longer
  • There is now a form after you scheduled a meeting which allows you to give us some feedback
  • Smartphone keyboard is now faster and more responsive

We feel with this update we are finally ready to open Calbot up to the public! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for an upcoming Public Beta announcement.

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