How to schedule video conferences?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people in the UK and around the world are now working from home. In fact, there has never been this amount of people working remotely. This, however, wasn’t an easy switch. Many of these changes happened very suddenly and many systems and companies just weren’t ready for these changes.

Calbot has always been a remote company. We’ve always tried to utilise all the tools in our arsenal to maximise our productivity away from the office. And now, as so many people are switching to remote working, we wanted to share how you can use Calbot to schedule your conference calls.

First things first – you need to login to your Calbot account and select the people you’d like to meet. This is a very simple process as all your contacts are automatically synced (but not stored) to your participant’s dropdown.

If you don’t see someone in that dropdown, for whatever reason, you can always just type in their email address there.

Now, it’s time to select the duration of your meeting. A useful approach I found is to try to shorten the normal duration of your meeting. For example, if you always have 1-hour conference calls try scheduling a 45 or even a 30-minute call. You will be amazed at the amount of time you can save this way!

Once you’ve decided on your meeting duration – simply click on the “Find time” button. Calbot will now privately scan people’s calendars and show you all the best gaps.

Pick whichever one you find most convenient, title your conference call and paste a link to your video conference to the location field. And that’s it! It’s that simple!

If Calbot doesn’t have access to somebody’s calendar – it will email them on your behalf to ask for their availability. Once Calbot knows when everyone is free or busy it will put the meeting in everyone’s calendars. All you need to do it click on the video conferencing link!

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