Calbot + GSuite

GSuite is a brilliant service from Google made for businesses. It provides people with a range of tools to run their business. From custom emails addresses to shared documents Google offers almost everything there is to make a business productive.

One of the things which GSuite also has is calendars. They are work calendars and are a great way to separate your personal calendars and personal commitments from work. Strangely enough, Google doesn’t take into account personal commitments from your personal Google Calendar when you are scheduling your work meetings in your GSuite calendar.

Calbot has GSuite and Google Calendar integrations which enables you to harmonise your schedules together. This way, when you are scheduling meetings, Calbot will account for all your commitments from all your calendars.

As usual, Calbot doesn’t have a limit on the number of calendars you can connect and the number of accounts you can integrate. Integrating GSuite was a long and complicated process, but we are well proud to offer this kind of functionality to the people we know that love using GSuite.

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