Calbot + iCloud

Don’t you just hate when your work calendar and personal calendars don’t talk to each other? This pain is especially felt by iCloud users. 


Don’t get me wrong, Apple make incredible products that are simple to use, look and feel great, and their ecosystem is a huge reason so many people stick with their products! However, in a typical Apple fashion – their systems are very secure and closed off. Security is great but comes with a trade-off, it is less convenient, which means iCloud doesn’t integrate well with 3rd party services.


People often have trouble using iCloud calendars, without being able to share it with others in a secure way to schedule meetings, and we feel their pain. In an effort to make things easier for these people we’ve spent many sleepless nights studying Apple’s APIs to find ways in which we can integrate iCloud into Calbot securely, without compromising being easy to use.


We found a way! Calbot supports iCloud account integration and iCloud calendars without compromising security. We are especially proud of this integration as we are one of only a handful of services online that support iCloud.


As always, Calbot will let you connect as many iCloud accounts, and as many iCloud calendars as you want.

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