Calbot + Outlook Integration

One of the biggest competitors to Google Calendar’s Mail and Contact services is Office365. Sometimes referred to as Microsoft Outlook or Don’t ask us. People have different names for it, and frankly Microsoft names are very confusing.


With that said, Office365 and Outlook are brilliant. They offer free email accounts, calendars, storage space and other perks. You can also buy a premium account, to improve the experience, which gets rid of ads, enables encryption, allows you to connect a custom domain and more. Many people use Office365 and Outlook and many businesses use it as well because, let’s face it, Microsoft Office is the standard for documents, presentations and spreadsheets.


At Calbot we know how popular Office and Outlook are, so we launched with full support for this service. This means you can connect all of your Office365, Outlook, and accounts and calendars to Calbot and schedule meetings with people using other calendar services or different numbers of calendars.

In typical Calbot fashion, we allow you to connect an unlimited number of these accounts and calendars, even if they have custom domains. Give it a try here!

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