Calbot + Google Calendar

At Calbot we realise that the world doesn’t just work on Microsoft Exchange. In the majority of cases in the corporate environment – yes, people tend to use Exchange calendars. However, this is not the case for everyone, especially startups, SMEs, nonprofits and personal calendars.


Android phones come with Google calendars pre-installed and so, many people choose it as the default, out-of-the-box, option for all their events and commitments. A problem arises when you want to schedule a meeting, but Google Calendar doesn’t integrate with Exchange and vice-versa.


For us, Google Calendar is one of the easier calendars to integrate. The Google Calendar API is pretty straightforward, easy to use, and because of that, it was the first-ever calendar service we integrated when we had just started to build Calbot.


Our users can connect an unlimited number of calendars, from an unlimited number of Google Calendar accounts. We don’t see any reason as to why we should limit how many calendars you can connect.

You can connect your calendars on your Profile page. Tweet us and let us know how many calendars you have connected.

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