Calbot Features you didn’t know about.

We often go to different networking events in the city and naturally talk about Calbot. We talk about all the cool features like instant scheduling for groups of people, integration of an unlimited number of calendars, total data security, and lots more. But, even after our pitch, people still have questions about some specific things we don’t normally cover in our initial pitch.

This post is a chance for us to go over the features, which we don’t always talk about, that make Calbot better.


Time zones

Naturally, any calendar will support different time zones and Calbot is no exception. We built Calbot to fully support different time zones, helping people schedule meetings with others anywhere in the world, and fit meetings into everyone’s working hours. Calbot automatically identifies everyone’s timezone and schedules a meeting to fit with everyone’s working hours (which you can set on your preferences page). 

It saves you a lot of embarrassing emails and a lot of time conversion calculations.


Account delegation to PAs & secretaries

Sometimes, it’s not you who schedules your meetings. During our market research stage, we met a lot of people who have dedicated personal assistants ( PA ) that arrange meetings. We also learnt that PA’s normally don’t have access to personal or other calendars that you have, making the scheduling process complicated.

One solution to that would be to give your PA a login and password to your calendar or to export an iCal or an ICS file. Both of these approaches compromise security and give your PA access to potentially private events. With this in mind, we built Calbot in a way that allows you to give access to your PA to use Calbot on your behalf without seeing specifics about what events you have planned. Calbot will take care of all the scheduling whilst ensuring none of your events clash.


Setting a default calendar

On the topic of connecting multiple calendars – we should also highlight another nifty feature that makes using Calbot that much nicer. When you connect multiple calendars you will also be able to set a default calendar. A default calendar is where all your invites and meetings will go whenever you are invited to a meeting.


Invite people who aren’t in your contacts

The first thing you notice when you start using Calbot is that all your contacts automatically show up in your participants’ dropdown. It’s an easy and simple way to select who you want to have in your meeting. However, a situation may arise where you have just met somebody new and you don’t yet have them in your address book. Because of that, we’ve made it so you can just type in that person’s email into the participant’s field and Calbot will invite them to the meeting you are scheduling.

Unlimited number of calendars

Last, but not least, is the number of calendars you can connect and integrate. Once we started developing Calbot we were obviously looking at other scheduling tools and noticed something which we thought was odd – all of them had a limit on the number of calendars you can connect. 2, 3 or sometimes 5 in total from different services.


Our first suspicion was that it slowed down the scheduling process. But, after we started building and testing our prototypes we realised that Calbot was lightning fast no matter how many calendars we connected to it. And so we decided to not set a limit on the number of calendars our users can connect.

You can integrate as many different calendar accounts to Calbot as you like and you can connect as many calendars from these services. 10 Google calendars, 5 Exchange calendars, 7 Office 365 calendars and 4 iCloud calendars? We can handle that. Tweet at us how many calendars you have connected!

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